Robbins United Methodist Church
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
love God - connect with people - grow in Christ - serve where God calls
At Robbins, we recognize that people find purpose and joy when they give back out of their gifts and abilities. Whether it is serving on a team in the church, serving our local community, serving on a short-term mission trip, or some combination of all 3, there is a place for everyone.
There are many teams that serve our faith community. From our choir to our teachers to our finance people and our youth team, many people serving at many different levels make it possible for all to love God - connect with people - grow in Christ - serve where God calls.
Robbins also has a long history and deep commitment to reaching beyond our walls to the community nearby and the far reaches of our world. Not only do we send thousands of dollars each year to various missions, our people put their hands to work in places like the hills of Tennessee and the mountains of Guatemala.
Check out some of our teams and missions opportunities!