If someone should ask what Robbins Church is known for, the answer would certainly include a passion for, and focus on, missions and outreach. There are many local opportunities to serve, as well as occasional national trips. 

The people of Robbins take Christ’s word seriously when he says:  “As you did it to one of the least of these, you did it unto me”.

Thus, as we go forth in the love of Christ we give generously. We also put on gloves, wield hammers and saws to support ongoing ministries to those in need. We sometimes board a flight and leave the country to serve in a spiritually and economically depressed community.  All of this is done as an expression of faith and obedience to God.

For 2021 the Robbins UMC Mission team has selected monthly organizations or groups to support with our missions giving:


The goal of the Village is to provide basic needs, education, counseling and health care to orphaned children. There is a continuous need to increase the volume of beneficiaries as the Ebola Virus left behind many singe moms with school-age children.

The Village is located in Monrovia Liberia, Africa. They are in partnership with the UMC, Liberia Annual Conference. The primary goal of this project is to help reduce illiteracy and future crime rate in the country. This is an Advance Special of the United Methodist Church, and 100% of our giving will go directly to this ministry. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the name of Jesus for many children.


Mujila Falls Agriculture Center – Zambia



UMCOR – One Great Hour of Sharing:
This annual church wide offering underwrites the United Methodist Church’s ministry of compassion to survivors of disaster and extreme need, by providing the funding that secures the “nuts and bolts” of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).


Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY:
Henderson Settlement is 89% dependent on generous contribution from individuals and churches like Robbins. Their goal is to CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR BETTER LIVES in their community. The Settlement accepts requests from the community and lists them on their web site. Robbins selects jobs to match our abilities and finances.


Ingham County Rural Family Services Living or Heart and Hands

Mason Food Bank is a part of this group along with food banks in small towns in Ingham County including Leslie, Williamston, Webberville, Dansville and Stockbridge. They provide services similar to Heart and Hands in Eaton Rapids.  Their financial resources are stressed due to increased need for food and household expenses.  The Grant money they can usually count on is not available at this time. 

Mason Food Bank would also be grateful for donations of food and personal items.  What they receive they hold in quarantine for a week.  Mason Food Bank address and hours: 118 W. Oak St. Mason. Hours: Monday 9-11, Tuesday 4-6, and Thursday. 11-3. They serve about 100 families a month which is 260 people.


Forgotten Man Ministry:
FMM Ingham County offers worship services (led by area churches), spiritual counseling sessions, correspondence courses, a library cart, addiction classes, and post-release mentoring to inmates at the facility.


Native American Churches



Robbins Work Mission


Two areas of the US suffer from extreme poverty: the Appalachia region, which stretches from rural Pennsylvania to northern Alabama, and the Arkansas Delta, which follows the Mississippi River along the eastern half of the state. Heifer USA is supporting local growers and innovators to strengthen local economies. By encouraging community development on the local level, Heifer is creating opportunities, improving access to markets for small farmers and providing environmental sustainability. The emphasis is on local motivation, local farmers, local innovation and local leadership. This focus on community-based development is the key to successfully ending hunger here in the USA.


Grace Children’s Hospital & Pediatric Clinic in Haiti


CCAG Groceries – a local ministry to help our financially challenged neighbors have enough food to celebrate the holidays.


Youth Haven Ranch: Located at Rives Junction MI, only a 25 minute drive from Robbins UMC. Their ministry to youth is supported by our church and other organizations and individuals. They receive no money from the state or federal government.

This ministry is possible because of the many volunteers who serve on campus, and keep coming back. If you feel God is calling you to volunteer at Youth Haven,   see one of the members of the Mission Commission for details. There is always an opportunity waiting for you.